Tax Preparation & Consulting


Franklin Accounting and Tax Services has a long history of preparing Federal and State income tax returns.

In-Depth Tax Interview

We spend the time to ask our clients the most pertinent questions that apply to their unique tax situations. This allows us to ensure that they receive the biggest tax refund and lowest liability within the current tax laws. We believe in getting to know our client so that we can continue assisting them in every stage of their lives. We do not close after tax season. We are here 12 months a year to answer any of your questions.

Audit Assistance

We have a long history of representing individuals and businesses with their IRS and state audits. It is extremely important for someone with knowledge to represent your best interest. There is no reason for you to ever meet the auditor. We will make sure that all requested information is presented in an orderly and professional manner.

Amended Returns

If you prepared your own return in the past and either made an error or missed a valuable deduction, we will be happy to file an amended tax return for you.

Accuracy & Speed Guarantee

This entitles you to reimbursement of all penalties and interest charged by a taxing authority if an Accounting and Tax Associates, Inc Preparer makes a mistake completing your return. We offer electronic filing (IRS e-file) with completion and payment of tax return. This filing method is the fastest and most secure method. You can have your refund directly deposited into your checking or savings account.